At Alloy Metal Products our decades of precision machining expertise set us apart. We operate and thrive in a marketplace where manufacture and deliver of complex parts must satisfy the bottom line and ensure quality and precision. As supplier relationships shift and business moves overseas in search of reduced labor costs, we dedicate ourselves to remaining competitive. Our years of experience with the world’s best machining equipment give us the unmatched expertise that allows us to execute the trickiest machine tasks reliably, repeatably and cost-effectively. Alloy Metal Products has built a reputation as a key player in the precision machining of difficult parts and components for the Aerospace industry. Our team includes experienced programmers of 5-axis milling and 8-axis tool turning machines.
Building parts that are used in medical and optical devices requires design for manufacture experience that is the hallmark of Alloy Metal Products. These devices demand extremely close tolerances over the expanse of the part, requiring insight into how the material will perform in its end use and as it is machined to assure that the product is manufactured as engineered. Founded by Fred Matter in 1977, Alloy Metal Products is one of the largest 5-axis CNC machining facilities in Northern California. Fred arrived in the Bay Area from Switzerland in 1967 with a background in fine machining and worked in the industry for the next decade, building expertise in tool and die making and designing fixtures and tools. Fred’s knowledge, experience, and foresight guides Alloy Metal Products to this day.